42 ancient Mastodon bones [PHOTO\VIDEO] unearthed in Michigan yard

42 ancient Mastodon bones [PHOTO\VIDEO] unearthed in Michigan yard, A couple of Bellevue Township men plan to donate dozens of mastodon bones they dug-up to the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology.

According to a Jan. 11, story in The Lansing State Journal, contractor Daniel LaPoint Jr. was excavating  Eric Witzke's property on Babcock Road in Bellevue Township -- about 15 miles northeast of Battle Creek -- about sixty days ago when he saw a four-foot-long rib bone sticking out from a pile of dirt.

AP Photo/The State Journal, Rod Sanford

 LaPoint Jr. had experience with tilling earth and digging the ground for over two decades, but in all that time and experience, he never happened upon bones that had a span of four feet.

The men plan to keep a few of the bones found in Witzke's backyard and give the rest to the museum later this month.

The museum's director, Daniel Fisher, examined and confirmed their discovery.

According to Fisher, the bones are from a 37-year-old male mastodon and are between 10,000 and 14,000 years old.

Mastodon bones were also discovered in Daytona Beach earlier in the year. See the video below.