Angry Hippo chases a speedboat; Humpback rams whale watching boat [PHOTOS\VIDEO]

By Toshiba Reynolds

When wildlife attacks! [PHOTO\VIDEO] angry Hippo chases speedboat; Humpback rams whale watching boat, Amazing footage published to YouTube on Sunday shows a hippo chasing a speedboat during a photo safari in Kasane, Botswana.

The hippo follows the boat at breakneck speed, prompting the helmsman to speed up considerably to avoid what seems to be an imminent attack.

credit google images

Hippos make look clumsy and slow but they can run very fast, and according to the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), they kill nearly 3,000 people every year.

Amazing footage from a whale watching group off the coast of Maui shows a huge humpback whale coming right up to the boat and actually bumping into it.

A group of vacationers went to observe the marine life in their natural habitat and one of them learned the hard way that it is sometimes better to observe from a distance.

While roaming the coast aboard a small boat, the group spotted a mother Humpback whale. A video filmed by one of them testifies of the inhospitable reception by the giant marine creature.

They tracked the humpback from a distance before it turned on them and proceeded to ram into their boat and toss the vessel 5 feet.

Simultaneously, a Humpback “tail-slapped” a woman who was sitting on a whale watching boat off the coast of Mexico. She was not badly hurt.