Aww! Husky puppy born with deformed legs now runs free [PHOTO\VIDEO]

By Maria Gomez

Aww! Husky puppy born with deformed legs now runs free [PHOTO\VIDEO], It's cold here in the northeast but this story will warm your heart. One-year-old Derby the dog was born with small forearms and no front paws.

When his original owner could no longer take care of him, he was taken in by a dog rescue. The Husky's deformity made it difficult for him to get around on hard surfaces and for his original owners to take care of him. They had planned on bringing Derby to a shelter where he would be euthanized until one organization – Peace and Paws – stepped in.

Now, the 1-year-old pup runs several miles each day, thanks to his 3-D-printed prosthetic legs. The organization took in Derby after his owner Melissa Aonson Hannon heard about them from a friend. Shortly after, Tara Anderson also heard about Derby's story. She had recently adopted a dog from the organization but could not stop thinking about Derby. She decided to reach out to Peace and Paws and ultimately agreed to foster the dog until he could find a home.

Anderson initially tried several methods of helping the dog to walk, including attaching him to a two-wheeled cart. But she noticed the wheelchair prevented Derby from playing with other dogs and experiencing the full effects of running and playing. So she thought to herself that there had to be a better solution.

Fortunately for Derby, Ms. Anderson works for a South Carolina company that specializes in 3-D printers. And in September, Derby received his first set of prosthetic legs.

Prosthetics, even for dogs, are not novel. However the speed and low cost with which 3-D printing enables their production allowes developers to keep tweaking the computer designed model until it works perfectly.

With elbow cups that allow him to get around, Derby became ready for a new life! He was adopted in August by the Portanova family.

Now, Derby goes on a daily run with the Portanovas, and plays with the other dogs in the neighborhood, two things he could never do before Anderson came into his life.