Lithuanian Knife Thrower Live TV FAIL [PHOTO\VIDEO]

By Toshiba Reynolds

Lithuanian Knife Thrower Live TV FAIL [PHOTO\VIDEO], Talent show fail goes viral as a knife thrower on live TV was a bit shaky (to say the least) while displaying his “skills” on Lithuania’s Got Talent.

pony-tailed assistant with nerves of steel is struck twice by blundering knife-thrower on a prime-time television show.

During the show, a brave pony-tailed assistant with nerves of steel unflinchingly stands as his knife-throwing partner flings blades at him.

The performance was broadcast live and watched by a shocked studio audience and a panel of judges.

One has to wonder if the assistant downed a hand-full of Valium before the show, or if he really believed that his friend could throw knifes without endangering his well-being. Neverthless, he stands calmly, at the board throughout the bungling performance.

At the 1:17 mark, the assistant's finger is cut, then at 1:30 it nearly happens again. This assistant comes close to facing death at 3:15 and then at 4:45 the knife thrower appears to wipe something, possibly blood, from the assistant's shoe.

Of course the stunt could have been far worse, say, if one of the knives actually pierced the assistant. However, reports indicate that the assistant was shuttled to the hospital for his finger after the show.