Liv's Playboy Mansion themed birthday [PHOTO\VIDEO] Gets Dad Jeff Lake Arrested

By Maria Gomez

Liv's Playboy Mansion themed birthday [PHOTO\VIDEO] Gets Dad Jeff Lake Arrested, A California dad was arrested after sheriff’s deputies shut down a wild Playboy Mansion-themed birthday he threw for his teenage daughter, according to reports.

The party was organized to celebrate Olivia Lake’s 18th birthday. The party's theme was "Liv's Playboy Mansion." San Diego County sheriff's deputies say 150 to 200 teens were there.

Credit ABC News
Many were drinking alcohol at the bash and multiple teens donned risque Playmate lingerie while others dressed as the nude magazine magnate Hugh Hefner.

The whole thing more than likely would have gone off without incident if neighbors had not called the police complaining about the noise. Plus, it didn't help that Liv posted pictures of the affair to her social media accounts, which are now all marked private.

According to sheriff’s deputies, they found Olivia's dad, attorney Jeff Lake, inside the home and charged him with violating the town’s social ordinance prohibiting adults from providing alcohol to minors.

According to ABC 10, Lake left the party in handcuffs and is now facing a six month jail sentence.