Naked woman stuck in chimney of ex [PHOTO\VIDEO]

By Maria Gomez

The perils of online dating are well-documented. In an attempt to get in touch with an ex at his place, the young California woman tried sneaking in through the chimney to make her way into the home.

According to the Riverside County Sheriff's Office, her ex husband called police shortly before daybreak Sunday to report the sound of a woman crying in the area.

credit Riverside County Police

When they arrived, they found the unidentified woman, and then "carefully dismantled" the chimney brick by brick in order to free the spurned and somewhat sooty 35-year-old. 

This is the second instance in just a few months where a California woman became stuck in an ex-lover’s chimney.  In October, Ventura County firefighters rescued a woman who became stuck in the chimney of a man she had dated only a few times. Rescuers dismantled the chimney and used soap to extricate the woman after about two hours.

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