[PHOTO\VIDEO] Ghost? camera at Idaho school captures apparition

[PHOTO\VIDEO] Ghost? camera at Idaho school captures apparition, The hallways of Pocatello High School in Idaho have been vacated for winter break, except for one paranormal occupant. Surveillance footage reveals some weird activity in the halls of the school.

Pocatello High school offers decades of strange sightings and creepy happenings, which have been reported through the years.

There has been 6 deaths in the schools illustrious history. A group of girls with a suicide pact once went to school there, a librarian at the school hung herself and a boy drowned in the school’s pool.

credit: YouTube.com
The surveillance camera first catches the ghost stationary near the drinking fountain and then it moves down the hall and into the bathroom. The eerie apparition immediately exits the bathroom and continues down the hall, with the lights flickering the whole time the mysterious image is on the move. Once it progresses a little further down the hall, it just vanishes.

The same evening that the ghost was caught on the surveillance camera, the school alarms went off from the activity and police responded.

To substantiate the claims, Pocatello staff members decided to call paranormal investigators John and Lisa Brian of the Scientific Paranormal Investigative Research Organization to see what they thought, and both ghost hunters agreed that the figure was likely a ghost.