Wife declines $975M check; Awarded 3 homes [PHOTOS\VIDEO] in Harold Hamm divorce settlement

By Maria Gomez

Wife declines $975M check; Awarded 3 homes [PHOTOS\VIDEO] in Harold Hamm divorce settlement, It isn't everyday that a person gets to see a check for $975 million with their name on it. But for Sue Ann Arnall, the amount was a little short.

Sue Ann Arnall is looking for what she considers to be her share after a highly contentious divorce.

Arnall declined a $975 million settlement check from their divorce, saying she was shortchanged and that the judge grossly undervalued her stake in the vast fortune of oil tycoon Harold Hamm.

Hamm agreed to disperse the nearly $1 billion back in November. Arnall claims she is entitled to more. She filed for an appeal on the grounds that the fortune was amassed because of both her work and his.

Arnall has already received two homes, a ranch and assets worth several million dollars.

Credit: Zillow

Credit: Zillow

Credit: Zillow

Accepting the check would have jeopardized her appeal, said her lawyer.

Hamm says the $1 billion settlement is too lofty due to losing billions because of the state of his company, Continental.

The couple were married 26 years but never signed a prenuptial agreement.