17-pound gold nugget found [PHOTO\VIDEO]

17-pound gold nugget found [PHOTO\VIDEO], Picture it! China, 2015. You are walking along and practically stumble over a 17-pound (7.85 kilograms) gold nugget. Such a occurrence would probably have to be considered improbable at best.

However that is exactly how it played out for one farmer in the Xinjiang region of China.

Photo : YouTube
The lucky sun-of-a-gun Kazak herdsman, Berek Sawut, from Qinghe County in Altay Prefecture made the incredible find around 5 p.m. last Friday. The estimated price for such an extraordinary discovery, assuming the nugget is 80 percent pure (Nuggets are usually 80 to 90 percent pure), is a handsome 1.6 million yuan (255,313 U.S. dollars) based upon the latest gold price.

The Xinjiang region has over 600 gold mines in operation; last year they produced a combined lode of gold equaling 20 tons. The Examiner reports about the Altay region of China and its “golden” history.

While Sawuk indicates he has not been contacted by any government representative over the ownership of the nugget, JobsnHire reports that the 17-poud gold nugget may legally be the property of the state due to current to Chinese law.