Dude Tricks Tinder Dates Into Thinking They're Getting Stoned On Video

These videos of Tinder dates getting stoned, or should we say think they are getting stoned, are disturbing at best. Meet Ryan from Hammy TV, a YouTube prank channel, who set up a fake Tinder profile proclaiming he wanted to "meet up, hang out and smoke" with girls.

So this douche nozzle believes tricking his 'dates' into thinking they are getting stoned, filming it, and then revealing it was all a joke for a YouTube video! Regular comedian.

Ryan tells the girls that they are vaping THC (marijuana's key ingredient), but he just put in a regular vapor cartridge (no THC or nicotine), so the 'high' they are on is only the power of suggestion.

The results of the so-called prank are disturbing and these girls are lucky there wasn't anything harmful in the vape. I cannot believe these girls are so trusting. This should be a warning to you 'ladies' out there.
See the "placebo effect" as it takes center stage below.

Well of course the above video went viral so what does Ryan do? Humiliate even more women by creating a volume 2. And, to make it even more sad, this one includes a pregnant woman who really desires the real thing. Thank God her face is blurred. See part 2 below.