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Conchita Wurst's bearded Red Carpet strut [PHOTOS\VIDEO] stuns at Golden Globes

Conchita Wurst's bearded Red Carpet strut [PHOTOS\VIDEO] stuns at Golden Globes, Tongues definitely wagged when Austrian drag superstar Conchita Wurst stepped onto the 2015 Golden Globes red carpet in a forest green gown.

"Always try to see behind the curtain," she tweeted Sunday morning.

What will she tell the world if stopped for an interview on the red carpet tonight? “Do what you need to do and make [your] life fabulous. If you’re not hurting anyone, you can do almost anything [that] makes you happy—especially when it comes to your look,” she told Frontiers magazine earlier this week.

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“As a bearded lady, I learned years ago that this affects people more than I thought, and I realized I could say something with this persona,” said Wurst, the alter ego of 26-year-old Tom Neuwirth, who created the persona in response to the gay discrimination he faced growing up. “So just live your life as you want it, and if you’re not hurting anyone, just embrace it.”

But there has to be more to it right? A more serious statement on the carpet?

As it turns out, the Eurovision Song Contest winner really wanted to share an important message with her fans and followers.

"The Golden Globes are an event that brings the glamour of Hollywood into living rooms across the planet," she wrote on her social media sites. "But let's not forget the events like this are also a strong showcase of the diversity and seriousness in entertainment as an art form."

She added, "Recent events in Europe have shown that freedom is speech is under attack. Let's unite and keep on with our unstoppable fight for peace and freedom—and freedom of expression."  


Harrison Ford fear of snakes [VIDEO] myth

By Tashi Singh

Harrison Ford fear of snakes [VIDEO] myth, While Indiana Jones may have been afraid of snakes, Harrison treated his slithery co-stars with respect.

As a boy, Ford was active in the Boy Scouts of America and achieved its second-highest rank, Life Scout. He worked at Napowan Adventure Base Scout camp as a counselor for the Reptile Study merit badge.

Because of this, he and Eagle Scout director Steven Spielberg later decided to depict the young Indiana Jones as a Life Scout in the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. They also jokingly reversed Ford's knowledge of reptiles into Jones' fear of snakes.

Ironically, once the actor was back home after finishing the film, Ford was bitten by a common snake in his own garden.

"Bugs, snakes, rats -- it's all the same to me," Ford said. "It's just another day at the office."