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Officer proposes to girlfriend [VIDEO] during a bogus traffic stop

Officer proposes to girlfriend [VIDEO] during a bogus traffic stop, After receiving some help from his fellow officers, Galveston cop Gregory Parris pulls off an elaborate wedding proposal.

Sara Wolff, of Galveston, Texas, was pulled over recently by a different police officer as part of an elaborate proposal.

The cruiser dash cam video shows the patrol car with sirens blaring stopping Wolff's vehicle. That officer informs Wolff she has a broken taillight and that she also has warrants that are outstanding.

Little did Wolff know that Parris, was watching the scene unfold from his squad car.

The unwitting Wolff begins to cry.

Parris then drives up and approaches his girlfriend. Her tears turn to laughter as he gets down on one knee, offers up a ring and asks her to be his bride.

"I can't imagine being proposed to any better than that. It was perfect for us," Wolff (who said yes!) told KHOU-TV.

This is not the first time that a traffic stop proposal made headlines. Last January, WMUR-TV reported that cops in New Hampshire had helped Matt Van Vliet propose to his girlfriend, Samantha Labo.


Boy makes braille lego printer for $350 [PHOTO\VIDEO]

By Toshiba Reynolds

Boy makes braille lego printer for $350 [PHOTO\VIDEO], A 12-year-old has invented a low cost braille printer made out of Lego bricks. Shubham Banerjee, is a California seventh grader and created the braille printer out of Lego for a science fair project.

Braille printers go for about $2,000 but Banerjee`s goes for around $350. He calls his invention the BRAIGO - as in braille with Lego.

Credit YouTube

Executives at Intel were so impressed with Shubham’s printer that in November they invested an undisclosed amount in his startup. Intel officials believe him to be the youngest entrepreneur to receive venture capital, money invested in exchange for a financial stake in the company.

Banerjee, who has relatives in Toronto, has been featured on CNN, CBC, National Public Radio.

Shubham Banerjee has done something utterly remarkable: the seventh grader has used a $350 robotics kit made by Lego, plus some basic items from the hardware store, to build a braille printer. He calls his invention the BRAIGO - as in braille with Lego. And Mr. Banerjee joins us now from Santa Clara, California. Thanks so much for being with us.

SHUBHAM BANERJEE: Sure, no problem. It's a pleasure.

SIMON: Well, what inspired you to try and use a Lego kit to make a braille printer?

BANERJEE: First of all, I've been loving Legos since I was 2 years old. And so you know those flyers that come to your house that say help the blind people with donations, help the poor, right?

SIMON: Yeah.

BANERJEE: So, one of the flyers came to my parents and it said help the blind with donations. So then I just, out of curiosity, I just asked my parents how do blind people read? So, then I learned about braille and how it works and all the braille printers, how it can be very costly at times. So, then I thought it would actually be cool to combine my love with Legos and do something good with it. So, I actually did it. I made the braille printer out of Legos.

SIMON: Can you tell us how it works without giving away the genius of your invention?

BANERJEE: OK. Oh yeah, sure. So, it basically, it has three motors and each motor does its own cool thing. So, like motor B, it pulls the pin up and down so it can actually make holes. And motor A, it pushes the paper forward. And motor C, it makes the pin go right and left. Go here to read the rest of the interview.


Martin Pistorious awakens after 12 year coma [PHOTOS\VIDEO]

By Maria Gomez

Martin Pistorious awakens after 12 year coma [PHOTOS\VIDEO], In the late 1980s, 12 year old Martin Pistorious was initially hospitalized with what doctors diagnosed as Cryptococci Meningitis. His condition quickly got worse, ultimately leaving him unable to speak or move.

According to NPR, doctors advised his parents, Rodney and Joan Pistorius, to take him home and keep him comfortable until he passed away.

Martin Pistorius\NPR
But he kept living.

In a first-person account for Britain's Daily Mail, Pistorius described the period after he slipped into a coma: "I was completely unresponsive. I was in a virtual coma but the doctors couldn't diagnose what had caused it. I was treated for tuberculosis and cryptococcal meningitis, but no conclusive diagnosis was made.

Medication after medication was tried – to no effect. I'd travelled beyond what medicine understood. I was lost in the land where dragons lie and no one could rescue me."

When he would finally awaken in the early 1990s, about the age of 14 or 15, Pistorius would emerge in a bleak state of mind.

"I had a sense that something was wrong," he told The Wright Stuff, a British TV program.

"I suppose you can almost describe it like when you are trying to wake up from a dream, but can't."
At some point, between the ages of 16 and 19, Pistorius would fully regain his consciousness only to be confronted by the jarring reality of his situation, according to NPR.

When he was 25, Martin’s aromatherapist, detected his slight smiles, his efforts to indicate he was aware by nodding and gazing. At her request, he went for testing at the Center for Augmentative and Alternative Communication at the University of Pretoria, where tests confirmed he was aware and responsive. His consciousness was finally recognized by others.

Martin, now 39, taught himself to read and write. He got a job at a health center. He went to university. And in 2009, he married Joanna. The couple lives in England, and he works as a web designer.
Martin wrote his tome, "Ghost Boy, My Escape From a Life Locked Inside My Own Body"


READ Mother's Open Letter to Daughter's Stepmom Goes Super Viral

By Toshiba Reynolds

READ Mother's Open Letter to Daughter's Stepmom Goes Super Viral, Candice Curry is a blogger who wrote an open letter to Ashley Parish, her ex-husband's new wife, and it went viral. Read below and you will understand why.

Despite the often-tense relationships between mothers and stepmothers, Curry has come to truly appreciate Parish's role in raising her daughter. I wish there were more people like this.

credit women with worth
Here is the full letter from Curry's Women With Worth blog.

Take a gander for yourself.
To My Daughter's Stepmom,
I never wanted you here. You simply were never part of the plan. Growing up and dreaming of my family I never included you. I didn't want help from another woman to raise my child. The plan was for my family to include me, daddy and our children, not you. I doubt you ever wanted me in your life. I doubt you planned to mother a child that you didn't give birth to. I can bet that your plan for your family included you, daddy and your children together, not me or my daughter. I can almost bet that when you dreamed of becoming a mother it would be the day you gave birth and not the day you married your husband. I'm pretty sure you never planned on me being here.
But God has plans that far exceed our own and when my little family dissolved to form two families I knew you would be coming.
In my mind you would be a terrible beast and my daughter would not want you to mother her at all, ever! I was hoping that you would be semi unattractive and prayed my daughter wouldn't look up to you. Her daddy would know that he was settling for second best. Evil swirled in me because I never wanted to face the fact that another woman would mother my child in my absence.
Then you arrived.
When I first met you I'll admit you weren't what I had in mind and a twinge of jealousy shot through my body. You were supposed to be hideous, remember? But you weren't, you were stunningly beautiful. You were supposed to be a mean old hag, remember? But you weren't, you were a young, sweet woman.
My plans were foiled.
I realized by the look on your face that meeting me was just as hard as it was for me to meet you. My heart immediately softened. Dang your kind smile! I was planing on really hating you. Why are your ruining my plan?!
I wanted to resent you but you made it impossible and I quickly grew thankful for you.
You've accepted our daughter from the very start and have unconditionally loved both her and her daddy, that's a true gift to all of us. You've included our daughter in everything you do and make her feel loved and accepted. You put her relationship with her daddy above yours and only a brave and courageous woman knows how to do that with such grace.
I knew when her daddy and I decided to divorce and live in separate homes there would be times when she would need me, her mommy, and I wouldn't be there. I'm so thankful that you are there in my absence. I'm grateful that you have mercy on her teen years and never reject her. She needs a mommy at your house and you've done an amazing job being that for her.
You've respected my position as mom from the very start. I appreciate that you always check with me when you question if you are making the right decision with her. I know our situation is rare. It's not often that a mom and stepmom text each other to remind each other that they love and respect each other. You are a gift.
Because of you and your courage to mother our daughter the way that you do, she will be a better woman. She will grow up with more love than I could have ever imagined. It wasn't her choice to have divorced parents and even though I wouldn't wish that on any child I am so thankful that she now has 4 parents who love and respect her and each other. She's compassionate because of it and understands that a failure in one area can turn into a blessing in another.
I don't see you as a fill in for when I'm not there. You are her mother when she's with you and when she's with me. She's excited to call you and tell you her stories when she's at my house and that makes my heart want to jump from my chest with joy. I fill with pride when you wrap your arms around me and squeeze for a genuine and loving hug each time we see each other.
I am extremely aware of what it looks like when a mother cannot emotionally accept her childs stepmother in their life. Gratefulness pours heavily from me that we are able to rise above anything like that and do what is truly right for our daughter. Thank you for being mature enough and respectful enough to co-parent with me.
I promise to always respect your input for our daughter. I promise to never lessen the position you hold in her life or make you feel like you are not her mother. I promise to raise her to be grateful to have two strong and brave women in her life that have the courage to mother her together. Even though our situation is peaceful I pray that she is never in it, but if she ever finds herself here I promise to set an example for her of what co-parenting should look like.
Precious woman, you are a rare and beautiful gem.
God bless you and I love you.
Millions of people read the letter, and then stepmom Ashley Parish replied:
"Candice, I don't know what to say.  I am not good with words like you are and the way you express yourself. All I can say is I am crying like at the end of The Notebook ... you make me feel so special ... Thank you for this letter. It made my day and I will keep it close to my heart always. Love you."


Bobcat stuck in car grill survives impact [PHOTO\VIDEO]

 By Toshiba Reynolds

Bobcat stuck in car grill survives impact [PHOTO\VIDEO], A bobcat in Arizona more than likely used up one of its nine lives after it survived getting stuck in the grill of an oncoming car.

According to a KPHO report, A.J. Michaels was driving to a restaurant on New Year’s Day when he struck what he believed to be an animal. After arriving at the restaurant, he inspected his car for damage and found a bobcat trapped inside the car’s grille.

Initially Michaels believed the animal was dead, but then spotted movement.

Photo Credit: Reuters Video
"We were trying to figure out who to call and ended up calling 911," Simpson said. "[We told them] there's a live bobcat behind the grill of his car, and we don't know how to get it out."

Scottsdale police officers responded and unsuccessfully tried to extract the bobcat before calling the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

"It somehow crawled in between the radiator and grill of the car," said Lynda Lambert, Game and Fish spokeswoman.

Fish and Game officials tranquilized, then removed the bobcat, and took it to a rehabilitation center for evaluation, Lambert said.

If healthy, the cat will be released away from Scottsdale city limits, Lambert said.


Bloodhound finds boy in dense woods [PHOTO\VIDEO]

By Tashi Singh

Bloodhound finds boy in dense woods [PHOTO\VIDEO], According to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office, their newest bloodhound, Amber, tracked and found a missing 9-year-old boy in the woods.

Deputies said they were called to the Florida residence Saturday after the boy, who has special needs, wandered away.

Amber, the Sheriff's Office helicopter and additional search teams were brought in to find the boy.

"The child had been missing for approximately one hour,'' the Sheriff's Office said on Facebook today.

She tracked 1 1/2 miles before finding the boy walking in dense woods.

Amber was donated to the Sheriff's Office by the Jimmy Ryce Foundation -- a nonprofit created and named after a 9-year-old South Florida boy who was abducted from his bus stop, sexually battered and killed as he tried to flee his attacker in 1995.

Aww! Husky puppy born with deformed legs now runs free [PHOTO\VIDEO]

By Maria Gomez

Aww! Husky puppy born with deformed legs now runs free [PHOTO\VIDEO], It's cold here in the northeast but this story will warm your heart. One-year-old Derby the dog was born with small forearms and no front paws.

When his original owner could no longer take care of him, he was taken in by a dog rescue. The Husky's deformity made it difficult for him to get around on hard surfaces and for his original owners to take care of him. They had planned on bringing Derby to a shelter where he would be euthanized until one organization – Peace and Paws – stepped in.

Now, the 1-year-old pup runs several miles each day, thanks to his 3-D-printed prosthetic legs. The organization took in Derby after his owner Melissa Aonson Hannon heard about them from a friend. Shortly after, Tara Anderson also heard about Derby's story. She had recently adopted a dog from the organization but could not stop thinking about Derby. She decided to reach out to Peace and Paws and ultimately agreed to foster the dog until he could find a home.

Anderson initially tried several methods of helping the dog to walk, including attaching him to a two-wheeled cart. But she noticed the wheelchair prevented Derby from playing with other dogs and experiencing the full effects of running and playing. So she thought to herself that there had to be a better solution.

Fortunately for Derby, Ms. Anderson works for a South Carolina company that specializes in 3-D printers. And in September, Derby received his first set of prosthetic legs.

Prosthetics, even for dogs, are not novel. However the speed and low cost with which 3-D printing enables their production allowes developers to keep tweaking the computer designed model until it works perfectly.

With elbow cups that allow him to get around, Derby became ready for a new life! He was adopted in August by the Portanova family.

Now, Derby goes on a daily run with the Portanovas, and plays with the other dogs in the neighborhood, two things he could never do before Anderson came into his life.