Yeti Seen Prowling Streets [PHOTO\VIDEO]; Boston's abominable snowman

Yeti Seen Prowling Streets [PHOTO\VIDEO]; Boston's abominable snowman, Boston residents, there is news that is bigger (and possibly even stronger) than the snowstorm: There's a yeti at large, and it has access to the internet.

That's right, someone wearing a Yeti outfit is walking the desolate streets and took to Twitter -- @BostonYeti2015 -- writing about ill-fated efforts to hail a taxi and wishes for “everyone to be safe.”

Credit ABC News\@BostonYeti2015
The person wearing the mythical creature costume was seen roaming the cold and empty streets of Somerville, Massachusetts, leaving a trail of footprints in the snow.

The Yeti, also referred to as the abominable snowman, is said to inhabit the Himalayas. But for the blizzard of 2015, the creature found itself prowling the streets of the Boston suburb, seemingly at home in the drifting snow.

Greek air force F-16 crashes [PHOTOS, RAW-VIDEO], 10 ten dead and 13 injured

Greek air force F-16 crashes [PHOTOS, RAW-VIDEO], 10 ten dead and 13 injured, A Greek Air Force F-16 crashes in Spain, causing at least 10 ten deaths and 13 injuries.

Credit: @tualbacete
The Greek Air Force F-16 crashed on takeoff on Monday afternoon in south-eastern Spain, according to the Spanish Ministry of Defense. Both pilots of the jet died in the crash.

"At the moment we have ten people dead and 13 injured," said the spokesman adding that among the wounded seven have serious injuries. 7 of those hurt were Italian.

Credit: @tualbacete
The fighter plane, which was due to take part in NATO training exercises, crashed to the ground upon takeoff at Los Llanos airbase.

Based on initial reports, there were no U.S. personnel killed but an unknown number were treated for minor injuries, said Air Force Lt. Col. Vanessa Hillman, a Pentagon spokeswoman.

Credit: @tualbacete
Los Llanos serves as one of the bases for NATO forces' training, where pilots hone their skillsets.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said he was "deeply saddened" by the crash.

Credit: @tualbacete
"This is a tragedy which affects the whole NATO family. I express my heartfelt condolences to the loved ones and the nations of those who lost their lives, and I wish a speedy recovery to the injured," he said in a statement.

"The plane was taking part in an exercise in the framework of NATO's Tactical Leadership Program, which aims to improve multinational cooperation in air operations," Stoltenberg said.


Alien-Like Terrifying Frilled Shark Captured [PHOTOS\VIDEO] Off Australia

Alien-Like Terrifying Frilled Shark Captured [PHOTOS\VIDEO] Off Australia, A rarely seen part-shark,  part-eel hideous hybrid known as a frilled shark was captured off the coast of southeastern Australia in December

The species is considered a "living fossil," and its ancestry reportedly dates back 80 million years.

South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association

The shark was caught by a fishing trawler in waters near Lakes Entrance in the Gippsland region of the state of Victoria.
South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association

Captain David Guillot of the Western Alliance, told Fairfax Radio he didn't quite know what to make of the three-foot-long fish that the Australian Broadcast Corporation said was "deeply unpleasant to look at."

South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association

The creature is so rare that no one in southeastern Victoria can even remember seeing — let alone catching — the beast in the past decades, The Examiner reports.

Australia's national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), confirmed the fish to be a frilled shark.

AZ Central News reports that these powerful creatures can measure as much as 6-feet long or more, and have ancestors that date back to prehistoric times.

Frilled sharks can usually be found in cool waters, Mark Meekan, a shark biologist at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, told the Sydney Morning Herald

"There are usually three main spots it is found, in waters off New Zealand, near Japan and along the coast of the British Isles, down through Spain into northern Africa," Meekan said. "However, there are some maps that show distributions that encompass the Victorian coast."

Man bulldozes wifes home [PHOTOS\VIDEO] in Middletown

Man bulldozes wifes home [PHOTOS\VIDEO] in Middletown, A man from Middletown, New York, rented a bulldozer from a local construction company and leveled the house that he lived in with his wife.

The modest 900-square foot ranch home on Woodland Avenue in Middletown, New York has been reduced to a pile of rubble. The man, James Rhein, did so without telling her or getting the proper permits, police said.

Rhein, 48, told WCBS-TV that the ranch-style house in Middletown is -- or was -- a "community asset." Yet real estate records show Rhein's wife, Diane Andryshak, as the sole owner, and cops say she didn't give permission to demolish it.

Credit: ABC News

Rhein said he attempted to call her before beginning the demolition but she didn't pick up; all items left in the house when it was destroyed were replaceable, he said.

Steve Belfiglio called his former neighbor both a "nice guy" but a "loose cannon."

"He bulldozed all her clothes in there. Washer, dryer, furnace, hot water heater, everything was still in there," Belfiglio said. "In fact, her medication was still in there."

Rhein has been charged with felony criminal mischief, and police say that is not likely to be the end of it. He was released on $300 bail Monday.

Officer proposes to girlfriend [VIDEO] during a bogus traffic stop

Officer proposes to girlfriend [VIDEO] during a bogus traffic stop, After receiving some help from his fellow officers, Galveston cop Gregory Parris pulls off an elaborate wedding proposal.

Sara Wolff, of Galveston, Texas, was pulled over recently by a different police officer as part of an elaborate proposal.

The cruiser dash cam video shows the patrol car with sirens blaring stopping Wolff's vehicle. That officer informs Wolff she has a broken taillight and that she also has warrants that are outstanding.

Little did Wolff know that Parris, was watching the scene unfold from his squad car.

The unwitting Wolff begins to cry.

Parris then drives up and approaches his girlfriend. Her tears turn to laughter as he gets down on one knee, offers up a ring and asks her to be his bride.

"I can't imagine being proposed to any better than that. It was perfect for us," Wolff (who said yes!) told KHOU-TV.

This is not the first time that a traffic stop proposal made headlines. Last January, WMUR-TV reported that cops in New Hampshire had helped Matt Van Vliet propose to his girlfriend, Samantha Labo.


[PHOTOS\VIDEO] 3D-printed apartment building Constructed

By Tashi Singh

[PHOTOS\VIDEO] 3D-printed apartment building Constructed, Chinese construction company WinSun has used a 3D printer to produce buildings.

After printing 10 homes at a cost of just $5,000 in 24 hours in March of 2014 using a mixture of ground industrial and construction waste as the material, WinSun achieved another incredible milestone: printing a five-story apartment building.

CNet reports that WinSun also printed a 12,000 square foot mansion in an industrial park. The company seemingly emerged from nowhere and surprised everyone.

WinSun managed to 3D print the entire apartment building, consisting of 6 stories, as well as an impressive house.
Credit: 3Dprint.com

These structures were unveiled at the Suzhou Industrial Park, of east China's Jiangsu Province, and the apartment building alone features a structure which is approximately 1,100 square meters in size.

Using a machine which measures a massive 20 feet tall, 33 feet wide and 132 feet long, the team at WinSun started with a basic CAD drawing which they fed to the staggering 3D printer that was able to create the structure piece-by-piece using a specially formulated and patented ‘ink’.

The ink includes construction waste like concrete, fiberglass, sand, and a special hardening agent. The walls and other pieces of the structure were constructed offsite with a diagonal reinforced print pattern, which were then shipped in and pieced together.

WinSun then placed beam columns and steel rebar within the walls, along with insulation, reserving space for pipe lines, windows and doors.

Boy makes braille lego printer for $350 [PHOTO\VIDEO]

By Toshiba Reynolds

Boy makes braille lego printer for $350 [PHOTO\VIDEO], A 12-year-old has invented a low cost braille printer made out of Lego bricks. Shubham Banerjee, is a California seventh grader and created the braille printer out of Lego for a science fair project.

Braille printers go for about $2,000 but Banerjee`s goes for around $350. He calls his invention the BRAIGO - as in braille with Lego.

Credit YouTube

Executives at Intel were so impressed with Shubham’s printer that in November they invested an undisclosed amount in his startup. Intel officials believe him to be the youngest entrepreneur to receive venture capital, money invested in exchange for a financial stake in the company.

Banerjee, who has relatives in Toronto, has been featured on CNN, CBC, National Public Radio.

Shubham Banerjee has done something utterly remarkable: the seventh grader has used a $350 robotics kit made by Lego, plus some basic items from the hardware store, to build a braille printer. He calls his invention the BRAIGO - as in braille with Lego. And Mr. Banerjee joins us now from Santa Clara, California. Thanks so much for being with us.

SHUBHAM BANERJEE: Sure, no problem. It's a pleasure.

SIMON: Well, what inspired you to try and use a Lego kit to make a braille printer?

BANERJEE: First of all, I've been loving Legos since I was 2 years old. And so you know those flyers that come to your house that say help the blind people with donations, help the poor, right?

SIMON: Yeah.

BANERJEE: So, one of the flyers came to my parents and it said help the blind with donations. So then I just, out of curiosity, I just asked my parents how do blind people read? So, then I learned about braille and how it works and all the braille printers, how it can be very costly at times. So, then I thought it would actually be cool to combine my love with Legos and do something good with it. So, I actually did it. I made the braille printer out of Legos.

SIMON: Can you tell us how it works without giving away the genius of your invention?

BANERJEE: OK. Oh yeah, sure. So, it basically, it has three motors and each motor does its own cool thing. So, like motor B, it pulls the pin up and down so it can actually make holes. And motor A, it pushes the paper forward. And motor C, it makes the pin go right and left. Go here to read the rest of the interview.